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Herta Nitrite Free Smoked Bacon 150g


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Discover HERTA's Preservation Nitrite Free Smoked Bacon, the first nitrite free bacon on the market! With HERTA lardons, you can easily prepare your recipes io time at all.High quality, practical and tasty, they will bring a touch of greed and pleasure to your small everyday dishes. Their beechwood-smoked flavour will delight your taste buds while guaranteeing optimal preservation and perfect food safety


pork belly, salt, natural flavour (natural presence of polyphenols), antioxidant: ascorbic acid, preservatives: potassium lactate, potassium acetate.


Nutritional values

average per 100g
Energy (kJ) / (kcal): 1037/250
Fat (g): 20
of which saturated fatty acids (g): 7.8
Carbohydrates (g): 0.4
of which sugars (g): 0.4
Protein (g): 17
Salt (g): 2.3