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 Do you ship orders?

Yes, we do deliver all over the UK, items are carefully packed by our packing team into our warehouse. Fresh products are kept cool with our special ice packs that keep products cool for at least 48 hours in respect to the cold chain.

How to place an order?

 After selecting your products, go to check out, then select either Shipping (Postcodes all over the UK) or London Delivery (London Postcodes only).

How to use my coupon code?

After selecting your delivery method, on the information page you will be able to apply your discount code.

 How can I amend my order? 

For any modification to your current order, we require at least 72 hours before the delivery is due. Please contact our customer service team, for more information.

 Will I receive a notification after placing my order?

 Yes, indeed you will receive:

1/ an order confirmation just after placing your order.

2/ You will receive a delivery confirmation 24 hours before delivery.

3/ - For Shipping orders: you will receive a DHL tracking link on delivery day

    - For London delivery we will send you 2 hours delivery window on delivery day

  Do you do wholesale ?

Yes we do, please contact us for more informations.


Do you sell frozen products?

-As we can’t guaranty products will be frozen at delivery, we choose to not sell frozen products.

What happen if a product is not available?

-  In case a product is not available, you will receive a refund a notification about product and amount refunded.

- If a product is not available, we might replace it with a similar product, if you don’t want any replacement product would you please add on a note to your order.


 How can I pay my order?

 We do offer a wide range of payment method: Visa, Mastercard,Paypal, Maestro, AMEX, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

How do I get refunded?

 You will be refunded through the same way of payment you place your order; we will  send you a notification once the payment has been done.