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Who Are We ?

We are a team of French passionate Entrepreneurs, who have been in the Food industry since 2015.


As French expats, living in London for more than 10 years, we always missed our amazing quality and tasty French foods, that we used to enjoy during our childhoods.

We realised that the French Grocery Offering in the UK  somehow lacked  product varieties at  affordable prices.


Our Business is 100% Customer Focused


Indeed, the customers are always the heart of our business, we are available from Monday to Saturday to reply to any queries you might have about our products or delivery services.


You can contact us on our Messenger Chat, email, or via phone. We will put all our energy to give you a clear, personalised, and immediate answer.


Our aim is to offer the best service with a simple ordering process and fast delivery. Our customers will get a notification if ANY modification is made before shipping. So, no bad surprised when getting delivered!


We are small team who research, test, and reinvent themselves every day by proposing a large offering of French products. In parallel, we are optimising our transportation paths to reduce our carbon footprint and initiate new partnerships.

Feel free to raise your voice, we are listening to your comments and desires.


Our Products


We offer you the largest range of French Food products  in the UK, more than 10,000 products available, at very competitive prices. No other website can compete on our offering and pricing.


Logistic is the core of our business, we directly import Top quality Food from our French Suppliers, stock it, then get delivered to you as soon as possible, in respect of health and safety rules, cold chain compliance and traceability.


We put a strong attention in sharing meaningful data on our products related to ingredients, allergies, and nutritional values because we are convinced that YOU want to know the origins of what YOU eat. .


Contact us :

  • Messenger Chat
  • Email : jean@epiceriecorner.co.uk 
  • Phone : 020 7183 8165


“Epiceriecorner” the best French supermarket to your doorstep, shop like in France.