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Panzani 4 Cheese Sauce 370g


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Mascarpone, Emmental and Roquefort... For a creamy sauce spiced with nutmeg. Panzani's 4-cheese sauce brings gourmet goodness to your table on a platter!


Water, cheeses 7% (MASCARPONE* 2.3% - PRESSED CHEESES* 2% (EGG) - EMMENTAL* 1.7% - ROQUEFORT* 1%), CREAM* 6%, processed starches, sunflower oil, FLAVORS*, salt, emulsifiers: E472e and E471, thickeners: E415 and E414, melting salts: E452 and E339, acidity regulator: E500, nutmeg, pepper, MILK protein*, BUTTER*, colour: beta-carotene.