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Ronde des Mers Tuna Rillettes 150g


Listao tuna 42%; fish 20%; rapeseed oil; water; cassava starch; whey protein; salt; shallot 0.9%; dehydrated lemon juice (concentrated lemon juice, maltodextrin); dehydrated tomatoes; wheat fibre. Traces of shellfish, egg, soya, celery, molluscs and mustard.THON ORIGIN: FAO AREA 31: WEST CENTRAL ATLANTIC, FAO AREA 34: EAST CENTRAL ATLANTIC, FAO AREA 41: SOUTH WEST ATLANTIC, FAO AREA 47: SOUTH EAST ATLANTIC, FAO AREA 51: WESTERN INDIAN OCEAN, FAO AREA 57: EAST INDIAN OCEAN, FAO AREA 61: NORTH WEST PACIFIC, FAO AREA 71: WEST CENTRAL PACIFIC