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Ronde des Mers Chopped Albacore Tuna Tomato 2x100g


Yellowfin tuna 45%; Alaskan hake 30%; water; rapeseed oil; wheat flour; concentrated double tomato puree 3%; pre-fried onion (onion, sunflower oil); soya proteins; fresh cream; dehydrated flavoured fish stock (flavouring (including fish), maltodextrin, potato starch, spices and aromatic plants, salt, dehydrated fish, acidifying agent: citric acid); powdered egg white; salt. Frying oils: sunflower and rapeseed vegetable oils. The percentages are expressed on the total product before pre-cooking. Traces of shellfish, celery, mustard, molluscs.THON ORIGIN: FAO AREA 51: WEST INDIAN OCEAN, FAO AREA 57: EAST INDIAN OCEAN, FAO AREA 71: WEST CENTRAL PACIFIC AND/OR FAO AREA 77: CENTRAL EASTERN PACIFIC(*); ALASKA Hake FISHED IN: FAO AREA 61: NORTH WEST PACIFIC AND/OR FAO AREA 67: NORTH EASTERN PACIFIC(*)