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Maggi Madeira Jelly (x2) 48g


Ingredients :


Beef gelatine 43%, cooking salt, sugar, mineral salt (potassium), flavourings, colouring: ordinary caramel; Madeira wine extract 0.2%*, alcohol vinegar, white wine extract, natural pepper flavouring, thyme extract. *Equivalent to 2.2 g of Madeira wine used per 100 g of dehydrated product. May contain: eggs, milk, gluten, celery.

Nutritional values

average per 100g
Energy (kJ) / (kcal): 1061/250
Fat (g): 0.5
of which saturated fatty acids (g): 0.1
Carbohydrates (g): 23.9
of which sugars (g): 19.4
Protein (g): 38.2
Salt (g): 26.4