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Saint Azay Catalan Fuet 170g


Discover the authentic flavors of Catalonia with Fuet Catalan, a traditional cured sausage. Made from high-quality pork and seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices, Fuet Catalan is a delicacy renowned for its rich taste and distinctive texture. Whether enjoyed as a snack on its own, sliced in sandwiches, or added to charcuterie boards, Fuet Catalan offers a unique and flavourful experience




Pork meat; water; lactose; salt; acidity regulator: sodium lactate; milk powder; beetroot extract; antioxidant: sodium ascorbate; preservatives: lactic acid, E252, E250. Natural pork casing.

161g of pork meat has been used to make 100g of fuet. Processed and packaged in Catalonia from pork of Spanish origin..