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Herbamare Sea Salt Fresh Plants and Vegetables 275g


Herbamare is the unique blend of Camargue sea salt and 13 aromatic plants and fresh vegetables. As soon as they are harvested, the fresh plants and vegetables are immediately mixed with the sea salt


sea salt, fresh plants and vegetables (33% when used): CELERY, leek, watercress, onion, chives, parsley, lovage, garlic, basil, marjoram, rosemary and thyme (from organic farming) and kelp marine algae.

Nutritional values

average per 100g
Energy (kJ) / (kcal): 70/18
Fat (g): 0.5
of which saturated fatty acids (g): 0.5
Carbohydrates (g): 2.5
of which sugars (g): 1.5
Protein (g): 0.9
Salt (g): 93.6