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Jardin Bio Maxi Chocolate Spread 750g


Nutriscore D, palm oil free, source of fibre. Its delicious hazelnut and chocolate taste make Jardin BiO étic's palm oil-free spread a treat for food lovers


INGREDIENTS: cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, chocolate* 16.5% (cane sugar*, low-fat cocoa powder*, cocoa butter*), hazelnut puree* 10%, skimmed MILK powder*, SOYES flour*, emulsifier: lecithin* (SOYES), Bourbon vanilla extract*. *Products from organic farming. May contain traces of other NUTS and LUPINS. Underlined: ingredients in accordance with fair trade standards (55% of total ingredients of agricultural origin). INGREDIËNTEN: rietsuiker*, zonnebloemolie*, chocolade* 16,5% (rietsuiker*, magere cacaopoeder*, cacaoboter*), hazelnootpasta* 10%, magere melkpoeder*, sojameel*, emulgator: lecithinen* (SOJA), Bourbon vanille-extract*. *Products from organic farming. Can sporen bevatten van andere noten en lupine. Onderstreept: ingrediënten die voldoen aan eerlijke handelsnormen (55% van de totale ingrediënten van agrarische oorsprong).

Nutritional values

average per 100g
Energy (kJ) / (kcal) : 2325/557
Fat (g) : 34
of which saturated fatty acids (g) : 5.6
Carbohydrates (g) : 55
of which sugars (g) : 52
Protein (g) : 6.2
Salt (g) : 0.06