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Epi d'Or Bread - 7 Grain With rind 8 slices - 320g


WHEAT flour 53%, water, sunflower seeds 4.1%, RYE flour 2.9%, rapeseed oil, sugar, yeast, brown linseed 1.2%, natural flavouring (contains alcohol), salt, WHEAT GLUTEN, WHEAT flour 1%, OATS flakes 0.7%, WHEAT bran 0.7%, dehydrated deactivated RYE sourdough, emulsifier: E471, preservative: E282, BARLEY flour 0.2%, WHEAT germ 0.2%, rice flour 0.2%, toasted BARLEY malt 0.2%, buckwheat flour 0.2%, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid.
Traces of egg, nuts, sesame seeds, milk and soya.