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Liebig Natural Vegetable Grinder 1L


100% natural ingredients What's that ? good vegetables ? water ? natural ingredients And that's it ! No colouring² No preservatives No flavour enhancers² Rich in vegetables ²In accordance with organic production methods. Carrots Onions Celeriac Potatoes Cauliflower Leeks Courgettes Quality Guaranteed Our vegetables are carefully selected and picked when ripe. With 30 years of know-how, we cook them in our factory near Avignon in Provence. To guarantee their preservation without any added preservatives, our soups are heated to a high temperature before being packaged. Our quality team controls our soups daily to guarantee the best products:


water,carrot³,potato³,onion³,CELERY-RAVE³,cauliflower³,leek³,CREAM³,courgette³,sea salt,corn starch³,natural flavouring,³Organically grown.. May contain traces of wheat (gluten) and egg.