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Bjorg Organic Vanilla Cookies 225g


Discover Bjorg vanilla fillings and indulge in a gourmet pleasure. Organic, palm oil free and sources of fibre, these cereal rich biscuits will be your must-have from breakfast to snack time. r


WHEAT flour*, wholemeal WHEAT flour* 15%, unrefined brown cane sugar* 15%, unrefined cane sugar* 12%, oleic sunflower oil*, cocoa butter*, whole milk* powder, thickener: acacia gum*; raising agents: ammonium carbonates, sodium carbonates; skimmed MILK* powder, natural vanilla flavour, unrefined sea salt, vanilla bean* exhausted, emulsifier: lecithins* (sunflower); turmeric*, antioxidant: rosemary extracts*.

Nutritional values

average per 100g
Energy (kJ) / (kcal): 2029/484
Fat (g): 20
of which saturated fatty acids (g): 7.3
Carbohydrates (g): 67
of which sugars (g): 31
Protein (g): 7.4
Salt (g): 0.59